The preparatory block course Introduction to R is a facultative course in the Master programme “Ecology, Evolution and Conservation (EEC)” at the University of Potsdam. The main goal is to provide a basic understanding of R and a reference site for future use throughout the Master programme.

This site provides the tutorials for learning R and individual tasks for the exercises. Topics include:

There are two main exercise blocks after practical 4 (“visualising data”) and practical 7 (“simple data wrangling”). Although the course is not graded, I highly recommend doing the exercises for practise. Other practicals also have exercises at the end - you will have about 15 minutes after each practical to complete as many as you can for your own reference and simply to try out how R works and getting used coding early on. Later in the course I will post solutions to all exercises and you will have the opportunity to discuss your questions on the last day of the course.